Old man Dan has got to go.

It is hard to choose just one person amongst the group of dishonorable men that comprise our statewide leadership in Texas, but if the Texas legislature had just one super villain, it would be Dan Patrick. Patrick was the driving force behind some of the most shameful legislation to ever be introduced in the Texas Capitol.

Patrick's time in office will forever be stained by some of the most hateful racist, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist policies.

Here's a list of 10 reasons not to vote for Patrick, inspired by our former blogs and videos highlighting his horrific record as Texas lieutenant governor.

1. Patrick was the man behind the transphobic "bathroom bill" and opposes LGBTQIA+ equality.

2. Patrick wants to end abortion and take away access to reproductive health care. 

3. Patrick is anti-immigration and anti-anybody that doesn't look like him.  

4. Patrick needs to be held accountable for his lies, corruption, and support of corrupt leaders. 

5. Patrick was the driving force behind the disgraceful 2017 special session. 

6. Patrick does not want to make health care accessible to all Texans. 

7. Patrick does not believe women deserve equal pay. 

8. Patrick supports disenfranchising Texas voters.  

9. Patrick supports vouchers over funding public schools.

10. Bottom Line: Dan Patrick's the worst. Texas can do better. 

Patrick is the man behind some of most of the terrible things to come out of the Texas legislature. He has been the devil on Greg Abbott's shoulder every step of the way. Texas is becoming increasingly progressive and there is no longer room for Patrick’s hateful brand of politics in our state. 

Dan needs to go.