Racial Equity Statement

PTI DEI Statement
Progress Texas’ Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fighting for progress in Texas must involve a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. (DEI) Progress Texas resolves, both internally and through our media, to encompass and advocate for all Texans’ identities and experiences. We know our state is suffering because Republicans are targeting marginalized communities through anti-DEI legislation, like SB 17, which restricts how public universities can cultivate DEI practices

As residents of a state governed by extremists driving racist policies, we pledge to give our neighbors a clear alternative by producing clear and compelling messaging that champions a variety of diverse voices and backgrounds, and erases barriers by providing access to information. We create accessible, persuasive messaging that educates the public on important stories because we all start somewhere, and we argue that the first step to empowerment is to be informed.

That begins with ensuring our staff and board thrive in an environment which values each member’s backgrounds, contributions, and intricacies. It continues with our commitment to champion those fighting for a more representative and equitable democracy. Lastly, we will continue to uplift partners by amplifying everyday people via media placements, press conferences, rallies, and digital platforms.


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