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Writing the majority opinion overturning 50 years of abortion rights precedent, Republican Supreme Court Justice Alito gleefully wrote "women are not without electoral or political power."


It's time for a ROEvolution. We are the majority and together, abortion supporters have the strength to form a massive resistance.

It's time to turn this anger into action at every electoral level in 2024!


Pledge to vote for abortion rights in 2024.

We know that attacks on abortion access disproportionately harm Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, the LGBTQ+ community, young people, those living in rural communities, people with disabilities, and people with modest incomes. These are the same communities that are most impacted now that Roe is overturned.

BANS OFF OUR BODIES. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is freedom. Abortion is a human right.

Abortion wins elections

Since Roe was overturned, Republicans have pushed countless attacks on reproductive rights in the states. The subsequent elections addressed whether we as a people would personally fight back. We did

  • August 2022, Kansas
  • November 2022, California, Michigan and Vermont
  • November 2023, Ohio
  • November 2023, Virginia
  • November 2023, Kentucky

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