GOP Ticket: “Nay” on Equal Pay

The GOP roster of good ol’ boy candidates have a lot in common. All theses guys agree: women are worth less than men.

You’ve probably heard by now that Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott—who pays women in the Attorney General’s office less than men for the same jobs—proudly proclaimed he’d veto equal pay legislation if given the opportunity. But what about his running mates? 

In 2013, the Texas Legislature passed the Equal Pay Act—authored by Wendy Davis and Senfronia Thompson—with bipartisan support. But the top of GOP ticket—who were all state senators at the time—all voted against the bill that was eventually vetoed by Rick Perry.

Dan Patrick, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor candidate and a Texas Monthly 2013 worst legislator, doesn’t believe government needs to enforce a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work. Not only did he vote “nay” on last session’s equal pay bill, but he’s also vowed to obstruct any equal pay legislation in the future. 

Ken Paxton, Republican candidate for attorney general who’s admitted to several felony violations of the Texas Securities Act and faces possible disbarment and criminal prosecution, voted against the bill that would help protect women from pay discrimintation. 

Glenn Hager, Republican comptroller nominee and author the omnibus anti-abortion law that's shuttering clinics across the state, also voted to make it easier for employers to pay Texas women less than men for the same job. 

The men at the top of the GOP ticket are bad news for Texas women.

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