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As Texas grows, so does contempt for Republican leadership
TX Lege: Broken rules & extreme abortion bans
ERCOT’s failure is Abbott’s failure

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“Abortion care is a right and must be prioritized as a timely, necessary procedure as part of the full spectrum of Texans’ reproductive health care.”
Tara Pohlmeyer

September 24, 2020



"Now that the Court has ruled in favor of LGBTQ protections in the workplace, it's time to expand those protections to other areas including education, housing, and health care."
Welsey Story

June 15, 2020

Wesley Story_HPM_LGBTQ


"We're the fastest-growing state in America, and the Texas GOP is the slowest growing party in America, and you can't explain that away."
Ed Espinoza

August 25, 2020

PT_Austin Chronicle_Primary


“If we’re really all in this together, all Texans have a duty to protect each other and Gov. Abbott has a duty to take responsibility for his actions.” 
Tara Pohlmeyer

June 16, 2020

Tara_USA Today_Gov COVID


 “Texas voters agree that police brutality is a problem, and many also believe that funding should be reallocated to support mental health, homelessness and emergency medical services.”
Ed Espinoza

July 17, 2020



“It appears the priorities of conservative state leaders are clear: suppress the vote at all costs, even if it puts lives at risk.”
Ed Espinoza

May 13, 2020

Ed_NYT_Voter Supression


“Federal judges are always on the ballot, even though they are not elected offices,” pointing to the confirmation process.
Ed Espinoza

August 19, 2020