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Steven Hotze

This Man Said What Other Texas Republicans Won't About the "Bathroom Bill"

Houstonians are calling out TV stations for giving Steven Hotze and his brand hate and fear mongering a megaphone

Texas Republicans pushing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's priority "bathroom bill" in the Texas legislature have stuck to their talking points - that the obviously discriminatory bill is somehow not about discriminating against transgender Texans. Cue Steven Hotze, the man behind the decades-long anti-LGBTQ movement in Texas. He released this video in support of Senate Bill 6, calling transgender individuals perverts, sexual predators, and sexual deviants:

Hotze is not a new name or face of bigotry against the LGBTQ community in Texas. He has spewed his hate many times before. Disgusted, but not surprised, by Hotze's shameless fear and hate mongering, Houston activists are fighting back.



Houstonians are calling out local news stations who are giving Hotze the opportunity, reminding them of some of the despicable statements Hotze has made in the past.





Allowing Hotze to appear on their shows provides him with a megaphone through which his abhorrent rhetoric is normalized. It is a sign of support for one of the most repulsive "leaders" in the anti-equality movement in Texas. Join the #NoMoreHotze campaign on Twitter.