Lt. Gov. Patrick Fast Tracks Awful AF Bills Through Texas Senate This Weekend

Dan Patrick Texas Senate Bathroom Bill Bigot
Progressive advocates and lawmakers are fighting back.

At midnight on Thursday, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick convened the Texas Senate to pass the only must-pass bills on Governor Greg Abbott’s special session agenda — the sunset bills reauthorizing the Texas Medical Board and other state agencies.

As expected, Abbott gave Patrick the green light to move forward with the other items on his agenda — bills that target transgender people for discrimination, restrict women’s access to abortion, undermine quality public education, strip public workers of union rights, and override local control. Patrick didn’t skip a beat in suspending the rules to take up these dangerous, discriminatory, and hateful bills as fast as possible.

FRIDAY, July 21:

8 AM: abortion restrictions & maternal mortality

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear bills dealing with maternal mortality and two abortion restrictions. Click here for more info on the hearing.

9 AM: anti-transgender “bathroom” bill

The Senate State Affairs Committee will hear anti-transgender, so-called “bathroom" bills. Click here for more info on the hearing.

10 AM: private school vouchers

The Senate Education Committee will hear private school voucher bill. Click here for more information.

SATURDAY, July 22:

9 AM: anti-abortion bill

The Senate Business and Commerce Committee will hear a bill which would ban insurance coverage for abortion. Click here for more info on the hearing.

For information on the other bills up for hearings this weekend join One Texas Resistance on Facebook.