Texas GOP Block Proposal They Said Was Necessary for Medicaid Expansion

Texas Republicans won't support their own health care demands.

Texas Republicans have blocked two legislative proposals they said were necessary in order to consider expanding health care.

Here's what happened, in three simple steps:

  1. Texas Republicans - like Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick - insist on a block grant to expand Medicaid.
  2. Legislation was filed that contains block grant language for Medicaid.
  3. Texas Republicans refuse to consider block grant legislation - neither HB 3845 by Rep. Coleman or HB 4054 by Rep. Martinez-Fischer were granted a hearing by Republicans in the Texas House.

Since Texas Republicans won't support their own health care demands, none of the benefits of coverage expansion are likely to come true:

  • Millions more Texans will still be without affordable health insurance.
  • Texas would still be unable to draw down billions in federal funds.
  • The uninsured will continue relying on ERs for health care while taxpayers and hospitals pick up the tab - so long as the hospitals can stay open
  • The 200,000 to 300,000 new jobs that would come with coverage expansion will never materialize.

Unless they take action in the final weeks of session, they'll have a lot of explaining to do when they head back home.