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The Right's Unholy Attacks on Nonexistent 'Sanctuary Cities'

October 3, 2016
At the moment there are no sanctuary cities in Texas. Makes one wonder what all the fuss is about, doesn’t it?

Analyzing the first presidential debate in 2016

September 30, 2016
The Progress Texas team took to CNN and local affiliates of Fox and ABC to talk about the first presidential debate of 2016.

Responding to Howard Dean's tweet about Trump and cocaine

September 30, 2016
Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, tweeted during the first presidential debate, "Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?" Our executive director responded on CNN. 
Ed on CNN

Hispanic Heritage: More Than Just Taco Trucks

September 29, 2016
Latino outreach is important all year, not just during Heritage Month or election season.
Hispanic Heritage Month Texas
Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick Double-Down on Their Support for Trump

Hostilities at Hofstra? The First Presidential Debate of 2016

September 25, 2016
Another term for empty celebrity is empty suit, and that is exactly how Clinton should regard Trump.
Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Debate

In Response to Texas GOP Lies About Voter ID, Progress Texas Launches

September 20, 2016
Visit to learn how to register, where to vote, and get all your voting questions answered.
How to Vote in Texas, Register to Vote in Texas, and Where to Vote in Texas

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick Double-Down on Their Support for Trump

September 16, 2016
Texas' Top Republican Officials Make Sure Everyone Knows How Much They Love Donald Trump
Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick Double-Down on Their Support for Trump

My Elementary School Teachers: Donald Trump Fails Citizenship

September 16, 2016
The question is, will the classroom of America let itself be intimidated and overlook Donald’s contempt for everyone but himself? Is it really possible he could be elected class president?
Donald Trump Fails Citizenship

Caught! State of Texas Lying About Voter ID Fix

September 9, 2016
Greg Abbott's legal team gets into hot water with the Department of Justice
Greg Abbott Lying About Voter ID

Dallas Morning News Endorses Clinton, Slams Trump

September 7, 2016
Clinton is the first Democrat the paper has endorsed for President since WWII
Dallas Morning News Endorses Hillary Clinton

CNN: Progressives sound off on taco trucks

September 2, 2016
On CNN, Edward Espinoza sounds off on the "Latinos for Trump" chief's warning that, if we're not careful, there will be taco trucks on every corner.

The Clinton Foundation: Committed to causes that save lives

August 26, 2016
This election cycle is getting dumber by the day, with claims questioning Clinton's health and now questioning the motives of the Clinton Foundation. Glenn and Ed defended the Clinton Foundation and drew a contrast with a candidate like Clinton who associates with humanitarians versus a candidate like Trump with close ties to Putin and Russia.

KVUE: Will Trump flip-flop on Immigration?

August 24, 2016
During Trump's visit to Austin yesterday, he appears to be softening his tone on immigration. Too little, too late.

Nincompoopery, The Political Rise of the Ridiculous

August 22, 2016
Texas and the nation seem caught in the same kind of irrelevant nincompoopery
Donald Trump Loves Texas

CNN: Trump's Campaign Shakeup

August 19, 2016
Trump's numbers look bad in the polls. All of them. Our executive director Ed Espinoza gives his take on the recent developments in the presidential race. Will Trump's change in staff help? Probably not. Can he follow through on his promises? Definitely not.

FOX 7 Debates: Cruz vs Perry for US Senate

August 18, 2016
Our Deputy Director Phillip Martin discusses a new poll finding Rick Perry could beat out Ted Cruz in a showdown for US Senate – a lose-lose situation of course.

FOX 7 Debates: Is the presidential election essentially over?

August 17, 2016
With just a little over 80 days before the presidential election, recent poll numbers show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in every battleground state. Our deputy director Phillip Martin discusses.

Fox 7 Debates: Texas polling in the presidential race

August 16, 2016
Last week was a bad one for Donald Trump, not so for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. She continues to lead in national polls and is even extending it in battleground states.

Point-Counterpoint: Trump sinking in polls

August 11, 2016
Ed Espinoza joins ABC's Point-Counterpoint to discuss Trump's sinking campaign.
Donald Trump's Sinking Campaign