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May 21, 2018

A Story to Undo Trump

You’ve noticed, of course, that Donald Trump never smiles. The film loop running in his head comes from his beloved World Wrestling Entertainment : all Mussolini-jawed bluff, virtual body slams and cheers for the steely-eyed victor scripted in advance. If...
April 2, 2018
Stories of Humans Against Ted Cruz

Stories of Humans Against Ted Cruz

If you, your family, or friends have been impacted by Ted Cruz’s seriously terrible policy positions , we want to hear from you. Click here to share your story. Geraldine M. 68, retired occupational therapist Houston, Texas I am a retired occupational...
March 12, 2018
Democrats shook up the Texas primaries.

Democrats Shook Up the Texas Primaries. Now Finish the Job.

If the enthusiasm behind high voter turnout levels in the Texas Democratic primary is any indication, 2018 may be the year Republican political dominance in the state begins to slip. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before. And, there is a kind of “Honey, I...
March 12, 2018
Back from the Grave Texas Democrats

Back from the Grave

There’s an old tale about a fellow stumbling toward home from the bar late one night, walking through a graveyard. He doesn’t see an open grave and falls right into it. He tries to claw his way out, screaming for help, but help never comes, so he huddles...
March 7, 2018

Six Ways Progressives Won the Texas Primary

1. Huge surge set a record for Democratic turnout Democrats are energized like never before as we head into a really important election cycle. Democratic voter turnout set totaled 1,037,799 - more than double the turnout of the 2014 primary and breaking...
March 6, 2018

Democratic Voter Turnout Up Since 2014

Texas Democrats have turned out in full force for the primaries. Early voting numbers show about twice as many Democrats have already cast a ballot compared to the number that came out in 2014 during the previous non-presidential cycle. Ed Espinoza from...
February 26, 2018

Democratic midterm turnout high, Republicans not so much

Turnout in the 2018 Democratic midterm primary is matching that of turnout in the 2016 Democratic presidential year primary, while Republican numbers are virtually unchanged from 2014. Through early vote numbers on Sunday, voters have cast 186,796 votes...
February 16, 2018

Statewide Endorsements

For the first time in our eight-year history, the Progress Texas board of directors, a 501c4 organization, has opted to endorse a slate of candidates in the Democratic primary. This is a year in which Democratic enthusiasm is high and as such we have seen...
December 8, 2017
Run For Something Texas Progressives Progress

Filing Deadline Is Monday. Run for Something.

Texas progressives are energized and running for office in record numbers across the state. We have candidates to challenge Republicans for every statewide office and congressional seat, but there are still uncontested Texas House and Senate and judicial...
November 8, 2017

Get Inspired to Run for Office in 2018

If you’re like us, you're getting inspired by all of the historic progressive victories scored on Election Day around the country in 2017 — stories of brave people from all walks of life who took a chance to stand up for our values and who beat the odds...
October 27, 2017
Left Turn Only

The path forward is to turn LEFT

Is Texas a conservative state? Or is it a non-voting that favors Republicans? One thing certain is that Texas is a changing state. As I've written previously, the explosive population growth has created a pool of voters that lean heavily towards...
October 27, 2017

Special Report: Flipping Texas in 2018

Update: Thanks for reading in 2018! We're on to the next election - click here to see our Special Report: Flipping Texas in 2020 . We are living in unprecedented times – but we have a chance to make a difference. A new analysis by Progress Texas reveals a...
October 27, 2017

Digital Killed the Video Star

The first video ever aired on MTV was " Video Killed the Radio Star " by The Buggles, a new wave band out of London. The song selection was a statement sending a shot across the bow of radio networks and declaring a new era of television made explicitly...