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Best of the Week: Voter suppression, abortion access, and the El Paso rally

February 8, 2019
  Tune in as Charlie Bonner and Tara Pohlmeyer discuss voter suppression, abortion access, and ways to protest Trump’s rally in El Paso.
Best of the Week - Charlie and Tara

Break Down: Voter Suppression and the Texas Secretary of State

February 6, 2019
Progress Texas Advocacy Director Sam Robles joined Amanda Gnaedinger of Common Cause Texas to discuss Texas voter suppression and the confirmation of Gov. Greg Abbott’s nominee for Secretary of State on Thursday.
Texas Voter Suppression Discussion

FOX 7 Discussion: Voter suppression must end in Texas

February 6, 2019
Voters are speaking out: We will not be intimidated by Gov. Abbott's appointee for Secretary of State. Advocacy Director Sam Robles joined FOX 7 Austin to discuss the current state of voter suppression.
Texas Voter Suppression

Mitch McConnell’s confession: Why the GOP attacks voting rights

February 6, 2019
The Democratic voting rights bill would end aggressive voter purging like Texas GOP leaders are attempting right now.
Texas Voter Suppression

Break Down: State of the State 2019

February 5, 2019
What did Greg Abbott just say?! Join Charlie Bonner, Wesley Story, and Tara Pohlmeyer as they discuss the 2019 State of the State address.
State of the State 2019 response

KVUE Face Off: Property taxes and voter suppression at the #txlege

February 5, 2019
The Texas Legislature will be addressing property taxes and school funding during this session, all while Texas conservatives are trying to limit voting by using bad data to justify suppressing the right to vote of naturalized citizens.
KVUE Face Off #txlege

Best of the Week: Voter rolls, border walls, & #txlege

February 1, 2019
Advocacy Director Sam Robles and Legislative Fellow Wesley Story discuss No Border Wall, the Texas voter rolls, and education at 2019 Texas Legislature in this week's Best of the Week. 
Best of the Week 2-01

Texas must end the threat to unregister thousands of citizen voters

January 30, 2019
This whole thing is a knee-jerk reaction by the new Secretary of State using bad data.
Texas Online Registration

KVUE Face Off: Texas has not backed up claims of "voter fraud"

January 29, 2019
The Secretary of State has said these names are a "weak" match. The burden of proof for voter fraud should be on the state, not on Texans.
KVUE Texas Voter Fraud

FOX 7 Discussion: Texas is *again* trying to limit voters by claiming "voter fraud"

January 28, 2019
The Texas Secretary of State's Office said on Friday it has flagged 95,000 registered voters who may not be U.S. citizens, meaning they may have voted illegally, yet they refuse to provide evidence to back up their biased claims. 
FOX 7 - Voter Fraud

Fund the schools but cut the strings

January 28, 2019
Texas Legislators need to adequately fund Texas schools
Texas School Funding

Best of the Week: Shutdown, indictments, & Rosie's Law at #txlege

January 25, 2019
We’re discussing the government shutdown, border wall, indictment, and #txlege. Join us to find out ways you can take action in Texas! 
Best of the Week - 1-25

FOX 7 Discussion: School vouchers unlikely to pass this legislative session

January 23, 2019
School vouchers would take state funding away from public schools and send it with students to private schools, worsening our school finance dilemma. FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren discussed the current legislative session with Clay Robison of the Texas State Teachers Association and Spencer Davis of the Travis County GOP. 
Clay Robison - School vouchers

Best of the Week: No border wall & #txlege bills filed so far

January 18, 2019
This week our Advocacy Director Sam Robles and Membership Coordinator Charlie Bonner are discussing #txlege, our #NoBorderWall campaign, and ways to take action!
Best of the Week 1-18

Lideres del estado deberian escuchar a los votantes

January 15, 2019
Gobernador Abbott entra en su segundo terminó con más presión de los votantes de Tejas. Abbott ganó esta elección con solo 13.3 puntos de los votos, eso significa que más jóvenes, gente latina y afro americanos, y gente que viven en nuestras ciudades grandes como Austin, San Antonio, Dallas y Houston – están votando.
Telemundo Interview - 01-15

Walls around local governments: GOP leaders move to end local control

January 14, 2019
Republicans aim to wall off progressive centers across Texas.
Local Control

Best of the Week: 2019 Texas Legislature & The People's Lawsuit

January 11, 2019
Best of the Week LIVE: Tune in as we discuss the latest progressive wins and ways to take action. 
Best of the Week

Bills we’re watching in the 2019 Texas Legislative Session

January 10, 2019
Our team at Progress Texas has gone through all of the bills filed for the 2019 Texas Legislative session. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just straight up ugly.

Advocacy tips from a former #TXlege staffer

January 10, 2019
Your voice matters this legislative session. Here are some tips on how best to be heard.

FOX 7 Discussion: Texas Legislature must make meaningful change on school finance reform

January 9, 2019
School finance and property tax reform is one of the largest priorities for the 86th Texas Legislature. FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren discusses public education funding with Noel Candelaria, President of the Texas State Teachers Association, and Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak.
FOX 7 Austin: Noel Candelaria - School Finance Reform