Progressive organizations working to make Texas a better place in 2022

Join the Progressive Movement in Texas
Find an issue that’s important to you and join the movement: donate, join lists, volunteer.

As we work toward the goal of a forward-thinking Texas that embraces progressive values, our state has a wealth of nonprofits and organizations to get involved with to help build a stronger Texas in 2022.

Progress Texas regularly works with groups around the state, the following is a list of those groups working for positive change. Look over the list, find an issue that is important to you, and join the movement: donate, join lists, volunteer.

Abortion Access & Reproductive Rights


Campaigns & Elections


Civil Rights, Social Justice, & Multi-Issue


Criminal Justice


Disability Rights


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault


Economic Empowerment & Workers’ Rights






Faith in Politics


Gun Reform


Health Care




LGBTQIA+ Equality


Marijuana Reform


Voting Rights & Democracy