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Economic Opportunity

April 10, 2018

Equal Pay Day 2018: Still Unequal

It’s 2018, and women on average have to work through April to earn what men on average earned in 2017. For women of color, the wage gap is much wider. Learn more & take action here -->
September 11, 2017
Glenn Smith Quote

Catch a Falling Lone Star

Paul Vance , the guy who wrote the lyrics, “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day,” has been living in South Florida. As Hurricane Irma approaches, here’s hoping Mr. Vance took the advice of Perry Como ’s 1957 hit song. “...
April 4, 2017
Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day 2017

As far as significant days go, this isn't one to celebrate. This is the day in 2017 when women finally catch up to making as much as men did in 2016. If the gap continues to close at its current glacial pace, women won't have equal pay until 2152.
March 3, 2017

Want More Economic Freedom? Turn to the Democrats

Ed. note: the following column was originally published in Quorum Report . Ever notice how Republicans describe institutions, policies, and programs they don’t like as a job killers? Let’s make a list: Environmental protections, the Affordable Care Act, a...