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Abby Springs

by Abby Springs

Legislative Fellow


As Dan Patrick blames Black Texans for COVID surge, the real culprit is his own party

August 24, 2021
It’s a lot easier for GOP leaders to blame people of color than admit they screwed up.

3 takeaways from the 2020 Census that Texas progressives need to know

August 17, 2021
From voting rights to redistricting, the census data will shape the political future of Texas over the next decade.

The growing list of local entities defying Gov. Abbott’s anti-safety orders

August 11, 2021
While Gov. COVID refuses to keep Texans safe, local leaders are stepping up to protect our communities.

5 ways Texas Dems kept the national spotlight on voting rights

August 5, 2021
Here’s what Texas House Democrats accomplished during their summer quorum break to stop voter suppression.

As the Delta variant takes hold, will Gov. COVID take action?

July 27, 2021
The variant poses a severe risk to unvaccinated Texans, but executive orders barring mask mandates pose a barrier to stopping it.

Voter suppression isn’t just a Texas issue — it’s a national issue

July 20, 2021
A total of 17 states have passed voter suppression laws in 2021 - it’s time for Congress to finish what the Texas Democrats started.

Texas Dems break quorum again, fly to DC seeking federal voting rights support

July 12, 2021
Texas Democrats boldly did what was needed to stop voter suppression. It’s time for Congress to do the same.

Gov. Abbot's not-so-special session: 3 things to know

July 7, 2021
Looking for a progressive guide to understand the special session? We’ve got you covered.

Texas Dems protected voting rights, federal action can protect democracy

June 22, 2021
The ‘For the People Act’ and the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Act’ have the power to fundamentally repair democracy.

Want to help save democracy? Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar

June 16, 2021
By registering your community to vote, we can increase turnout, defeat Republican voter suppression, and flip Texas blue.

The Texas Republican Party is at war with itself

June 14, 2021
From the Capitol to the campaign trail, the Texas GOP is in total disarray.

Juneteenth celebrations across Texas in 2021

June 8, 2021
Juneteenth events are a celebration of Black history and a reminder of the progress still to be made for racial justice.

Pride celebrations across Texas in 2021

June 3, 2021
Pride is back, y’all! Here’s how you can (safely) celebrate Pride Month in Texas this year.

Texas still needs police reform one year after George Floyd’s death

May 25, 2021
Criminal justice reforms have been weakened or stalled in committee, and partisanship has prevented any from bearing Floyd’s name.

Texas Republicans turn on each other, Democrats stand united

May 20, 2021
Primary challenges to Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton prove that Texans aren't happy with Republican leadership.

Voter Suppression Bill SB 7: Where it’s been, where it’s at, and where it’s going

May 13, 2021
After many changes, here’s what’s in the discriminatory bill at this point.

Rep. Harold Dutton uses trans kids as political pawn

May 11, 2021
Rep. Harold Dutton’s petty maneuver to pass trans sports bill SB 29 puts the trans community at risk.

To keep the lights on in Texas, we need to change the power

May 4, 2021
An update on the Texas Legislature’s handling of our state’s energy crisis.