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May 21, 2017
Trump Cartoon.jpg

Trump Can Fire Comey But He Can't Fire Us

Ed. note: the following column was originally published in the Austin American-Statesman. Image is an original illustration by artist M. Scott Byers. Recent American history seems like a series of more-or-less pro-democracy interludes between...
April 7, 2017
Ted Crus is Missing

Has Anyone Seen Ted Cruz?

As the United States grapples with a White House in chaos, Texans are looking for leadership to stand up to questionable activities of the administration. Yet one of our most prominent representatives in Washington, Senator Ted Cruz, is nowhere to be...
March 31, 2017

Texas Resistance Events Continue in April

As Trump continues to nosedive in his political crusade to “make America great again,” GOP lawmakers echo his ethically bankrupt policies in Texas. Texans across the state remain united in resistance. Join a resistance event or rally near you and send a...
March 29, 2017
Tax March

March on April 15 to Demand Trump Disclose His Taxes

On April 15, Americans across the country will march to demand Donald Trump release his tax returns. When Donald Trump was kicking up dirt with his ridiculous “birther” ploy, he repeatedly claimed that the only reason President Obama would hide his birth...
March 6, 2017
Call Your Reps

Resist & Persist: Put These 5 Numbers in Your Phone

As Congress starts to consider Trump’s agenda, and as our state legislative session heats up, Texans across the state are joining the resistance . As the emboldened Right continues to push for ineffective and discriminatory policies, we must supplement...
February 1, 2017

Advocacy and Resistance Events at the Texas State Capitol

Since Trump has taken office, Texans across the state have taken action to stand up to his politics or fear and hate — we have come together as the resistance. But Trump isn’t alone in pushing for policies that divide and discriminate — Texas Republicans...
November 23, 2016

These Organizations Are Working for Progressive Change in Texas

This list was originally published in 2016. Please find our updated list of organizations here. If the words “President-elect Donald Trump” send chills down your spine, you are not alone. This election amplified the voice of hate, discrimination, and...