New Year, New Movements: Making Progress Locally

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How you can change what's happening in your neck of the woods

Yes, 2023 is two days old. Still, it’s not too early for us at Progress Texas to wonder who’ll make our Best and Worst Texans of 2023, because decisions made in the next few weeks will shape what’s on the agenda in your school board and city council meetings for years to come.

That’s because January 18 is the first day to file for a place on your local political subdivision ballot in areas holding May 2023 local elections. 

Last year, our 2022 best Texans list focused a lot on local and grassroots groups, from a volunteer organization who made viral TV ads, a local group that defended a school board takeover from right wingers, and local initiatives to defend abortion rights. Now is your chance to be a part of these inspiring efforts and make these changes near you! 

If your local government is making (local / regional / state / national / international) news for the wrong reasons — racist attacks on Black leadership, book bans, anti-transgender policies — you can do something about it, by putting your name on the ballot, talking to voters about your progressive mainstream values, and win, lose, or runoff, organizing your community for change.

Appealing thought? Daunting thought? Where to start? You won’t be running alone.


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Your other favorite candidate-focused orgs making a difference in Texas? Let us know: