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2014 Election

October 15, 2014

Voter ID Back In Place For Election - What You Need To Know

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Texas voters will need to show ID at the polls this year – but not all forms of ID are accepted. Early voting begins next Monday, October 20th, and your vote can make a difference. Visit our “Got ID Texas”...
October 5, 2014

Texas Newspapers Endorse a New Majority

Texas’ newspapers have had a finger on the pulse of Texas politics for long enough to know when a candidate will work for or against Texans, and endorsements this year already show strong support for a new majority. Endorsed Candidates: Governor: Wendy...
September 25, 2014

Media Highlights Greg Abbott Lie on School Funding Cuts

Now Texas Journalists are also calling him out. Greg Abbott’s lie about why he's defending $5.4 billion in Tea Party cuts for Texas school children is garnering scrutiny from Texas press, calling it " the most controversial exchange " of the entire debate...
August 28, 2014

Is Greg Abbott the Invisible Man?

UPDATE! Abbott just backed out of the only debate that was scheduled for live TV! This close to an election — just over 60 days until November 4th — the omnipresence of gubernatorial candidates flexing their political might would typically be in full...
August 1, 2014

Ted Cruz Creates Worst Congress Ever

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has created the worst Congress in U.S. history, and the Republican-led U.S. House he whips can't pass a jobs bill or an immigration bill - the most important issues to midterm voters. And because of Ted Cruz, the U.S. House is...
February 26, 2014

Meet "Democrat" Kesha Rogers: Worse Than Ted Cruz

5/28/14 Update: Last night David Alameel defeated Kesha Rogers in the Texas Primary Runoff. An overwhelming margin , 72.4%, voted for Alameel and left Kesha with only 27.6% of the vote. Alameel will face Cornyn in November. We've pointed out before why...
February 22, 2014
Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent

Blood Brothers Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent

This week Republican Greg Abbott made headlines in his bid to become the next governor of Texas. Unfortunately for Abbott, the headlines came because his campaign staged an event with Ted Nugent, a rock and roller now better known for inflammatory...