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FOX 7 Debate: ICE Retaliation Raids

March 21, 2017
A federal judge in Austin says ICE officials told him a major ICE operation was ordered because of Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez's so-called "sanctuary city" policies at the county jail.
ICE raids

Testimony against SB4

March 17, 2017
Watch 5 clips of brave testimony against the anti-immigration, Senate Bill 4, from the Senate hearing. Despite overwhelming opposition, Texas Republicans in the Senate passed the bill on to the House. Now we wait for a Texas House to take up the bill.  
sb4 testimony

Texas Progressive Rep. Anchia Takes Incredible Stand on House Floor

March 1, 2017
On the first day of debate on the Texas House floor, Rep. Rafael Anchia (D- Dallas) took to the mic to deliver an incredibly powerful speech blasting Texas Republicans’ anti-immigrant agenda.  Watch his response to an amendment that would have barred Child Protective Services payments to any caregivers who are undocumented immigrants.
Rep. Anchia

Fate of the Golden Door--Trump and Immigration

December 2, 2016
Trump’s dreams, true or false, are real nightmares for Latinos, Muslims and other targets of his cruel and abusive threats.
Donald Trump Immigration Nightmare for America

The Right's Unholy Attacks on Nonexistent 'Sanctuary Cities'

October 3, 2016
At the moment there are no sanctuary cities in Texas. Makes one wonder what all the fuss is about, doesn’t it?

Texas' Immigrant Families Win Federal Suit, Can Obtain Birth Certificates

August 19, 2016
In another example of why courts matter, a federal judge expressed enough skepticism with the case that the state of Texas agreed to settle
Texas Immigrant Families Can Get Birth Certificates

The SCOTUS Immigration Ruling - A Kafkaesque Conclusion to the Battle Over DAPA and DACA

June 27, 2016
This wasn’t about Constitutional principle. It was about a growing storm of bigotry and xenophobia washing over America and Europe.
Immigration SCOTUS ruling

SCOTUS Non-Decision on Obama’s Immigration Policies Shows Why Courts Matter

June 23, 2016
The SCOTUS vacancy stalls progress on one of country's most important issues
Immigration SCOTUS ruling

SCOTUS Will Take Up Obama's Actions to Keep Immigrant Families Together

January 19, 2016
The court's ruling will determine the fate and future of five million undocumented immigrants,
SCOTUS Will Take Up Obama's Actions to Keep Immigrant Families Together