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Special Report: Fighting for fair and full representation in the 2020 census

Check out all of our content on the 2020 census and Trump's efforts to intimidate immigrants with citizenship data.

Here at Progress Texas, we believe in an accurate and complete census count. The census is supposed to count everyone living in the country in order to allocate seats in Congress and determine federal dollars dispersed to each state.

In an effort to stick it to immigrants, Republicans tried to add a question about citizenship status to the 2020 census. They failed, but their fear-mongering tactics were still largely felt by immigrant communities.

Trump’s loss is a win for the 2020 census, but his continued pursuit of citizenship data may still have negative consequences for Texas.

Now more than ever, it's important that everyone complete the census in order to ensure representation for all Texans. 

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The census is safe... for now

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TIMELINE: The citizenship question & the 2020 census

Part 5
Heads we win, tails you lose: The high court’s attack on voters

Part 6 (Video)
LIVE: 2020 Census chat with Progress Texas

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