ALEC funds 3 dangerous policies in Texas

ALEC is behind dangerous conservative laws on guns, immigration, and education.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate “bill mill” that drafts conservative bill templates and shops them around to state legislatures across the country. The organization is behind dangerous conservative policies on guns, immigration, and education.

1. Guns

ALEC is behind a wealth of gun-related legislation, including the NRA Model Bill. The tragedies in Texas and across the nation have happened for a reason. Republican lawmakers have prioritized money over the lives of people for years, and ALEC is no different.

ALEC is responsible for “stand-your-ground laws” that enable people to justify using lethal force against threats or perceived threats, opposes restrictions on assault weapons, infringes on public safety efforts, and pushes firearm programs for children. 

2. Immigration

ALEC targets immigrants with many of its policies and priorities like restricting the path to citizenship, and pushing for harsh new border laws, including a “No Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Immigrants” Act. 

3. Education

ALEC's education legislation diverts taxpayers' money from Texas public school children to for-profit education corporations, strips away the rights of teachers and their ability to negotiate strongly for small class sizes, and gives more tax breaks to rich corporations and individuals to pay private school tuition, all negatively impacting students.

A broad coalition of progressive organizations will hold a press conference and rally on August 14 at 4:45 PM outside the J.W. Marriott to denounce state legislators and corporate interests that work against the interest of Texas families.

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Take action: Tell Texas lawmakers that corporate lobbyists have no place governing the lives of Texans.