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September 16, 2016
Donald Trump Fails Citizenship

My Elementary School Teachers: Donald Trump Fails Citizenship

Ed. note: the following column originally appeared in Quorum Report. As though his father is still buying his son’s way out of jams and scrapes, Donald Trump seems to easily escape from the timid judgments of today’s political pundits. Donald Trump never...
September 7, 2016
Dallas Morning News Endorses Hillary Clinton

Dallas Morning News Endorses Clinton, Slams Trump

The Dallas Morning News did something they haven't done in more than 75 years today: they endorsed a Democrat for President. Just a day after slamming Republican Donald Trump, the paper came out swinging for Hillary Clinton - and, at least in theory,...
August 19, 2016

CNN: Trump's Campaign Shakeup

Trump's numbers look bad in the polls. All of them. Our executive director Ed Espinoza gives his take on the recent developments in the presidential race. Will Trump's change in staff help? Probably not. Can he follow through on his promises? Definitely...