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HAPPENING NOW: 2018 special elections underway across Texas

November 29, 2018
Your vote is absolutely critical in these counties.
Texas Special Elections

Out of the midterms, a new feeling of togetherness

November 19, 2018
Democracy demands that we hold open the door for one another.
Ballot Box

PODGress Texas: The issues defining the progressive movement in Texas

November 12, 2018
Campaigns come and go, but it’s the issues that drive us – and that’s why we continue working as the voice for a new majority.
PODgress Texas: Election 2018

FOX 7 Discussion: Democrats take about a dozen seats in the Texas House from Republicans

November 12, 2018
FOX 7 Austin’s Mike Warren talks to Glenn W. Smith from Progress Texas and Gary Teal, the Travis County Republican Party executive director, about the upcoming legislative session and the effect the new Democrats will have on it.
Glenn Smith

10 wins for progressives in 2018

November 8, 2018
Progressives turned out and voted to shape the future of Texas.
Election 2018

Election Night Coverage from the Lone Star State 2018

November 7, 2018
Thank you for joining us on a historic night for Texas. We brought you analysis, interviews, and hot takes from the Texas Democratic Party’s event in Austin, TX.
Election Night Broadcast

Vote Texas Face Off: Election Day in Central Texas

November 6, 2018
Tara Pohlmeyer of Progress Texas and Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak discuss competitive Texas races with seven hours to go on Election Day.
Vote Texas Face Off 11-06

FOX 7 Discussion: Texas Election Day predictions

November 6, 2018
Glenn W. Smith of Progress Texas and Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak discuss the upcoming midterm results on just before polls close on Election Day.
Glenn W. Smith

FOX 7 Discussion: Young Americans plan to vote in the midterm election

November 5, 2018
Around the nation, enthusiasm is building especially among young voters ages 18-29. FOX 7 Austin’s Mike Warren talks to Tara Pohlmeyer of Progress Texas and Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak about young voter turnout.
FOX 7 Austin

Voters have a chance to protect America's Tree of Life

November 5, 2018
Faith leaders gather to condemn hatred, bigotry and oppression.
Tree of Life

BREAKING: Secret documents show Cruz supports ending preexisting condition coverage

November 2, 2018
Progress Texas has obtained exclusive documents showing Ted Cruz wants to remove preexisting conditions for millions of Texans.

10 things to know at the polls

October 31, 2018
Voting is our right. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.