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Ed Espinoza

by Ed Espinoza

Executive Director


Austin: Vote AGAINST Prop A in 2021 election

October 15, 2021
Prop A is an unfunded mandate that would force cuts to essential city services like Fire, EMS, and more.

Gov. Abbott’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record in a 1998 rape case

September 9, 2021
As a Texas Supreme Court justice, a key Abbott dissent does not align with “eliminating all rapists.”

Three factors impacting the Democratic race for Governor

August 26, 2021
Beto O’Rourke has teased that he may run, but the indecision is creating a logjam

Texas should permanently move its March primary to April

August 25, 2021
For a more representative and inclusive primary elections, we should move the date back six weeks

Scenarios: Where Texas Dems go from here

July 14, 2021
As Texas Republicans refuse to listen or negotiate, Texas Democrats have options for their next steps.

Biden to Republicans: Stop kicking the can down the road on Medicaid

April 16, 2021
Latest poll shows Texans support Medicaid expansion by big margins.

Heroes and Zeroes of the Texas Freeze

February 25, 2021
Friends and neighbors led while Republican politicians fled.

5 reasons for impeachment

February 9, 2021
The Senate must vote to convict Trump.

Beto or Castro? Our way-too-early list of 2022 candidates

January 28, 2021
Without a Senate race, the governor’s race will drive turnout

Ted Cruz won’t resign, here are 4 things we can do

January 14, 2021
Cruz refuses to accept responsibility for helping to incite a violent insurrection.

6 Texans that could join Joe Biden in Washington

December 17, 2020
If we want to see a blue Texas, it starts by elevating leaders to the highest levels of government.

Texas by the numbers: Dems won big cities and tied suburbs, but overwhelmed in smaller counties

November 5, 2020
Biden narrowed the margin to 6 points but Republicans ran up the score in the smaller counties.

It’s going to take all of us: Swing voters alone will not save democracy

September 14, 2020
We need a hyper-mobilized base to fix this mess.

Only 7 states limit vote-by-mail access based on age. Texas is one of them.

May 21, 2020
A majority of Texas voters agree vote-by-mail should be made available for everyone.

Young voters deserve to be taken seriously

May 11, 2020
The youth vote is too often referred to as "the future." Sure, but the youth vote is also "the now."

It’s not about staying open, it’s about staying safe

April 28, 2020
While Republicans rush to reopen Texas, 55% of voters think it’s more important to keep people safe.
Gov. Greg Abbott Texas

America needs a consumer bailout

March 20, 2020
$1,000 checks are fine, but they won’t keep creditors away for long.

Republicans turn pandemic into fight about racism

March 19, 2020
Health experts condemn profiling virus along ethnic lines.