Our favorite Texas political podcasts in 2022

Texas political podcasts
Texas politics can be confusing. Stay in the loop with these podcasts.

Even if you’re not a podcast listener, the conversations are a great place to hear firsthand what’s happening in politics right now. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite podcasts to share with you, so whether you’re a new podcast listener or a seasoned pro, these are a great place to dive into progressive and mainstream news.

We’ve pulled descriptions and rankings via an online source called ListenNotes, which is a website that ranks podcasts from around the world.

These are our favorite pods that are currently running in 2022. Is there another one that should be on our radar? Let us know!


Texas Take

Global rank: top 1%

Episodes: 177

Average length: 44 minutes

Go behind the headlines for a look at what's really going on at the Texas Capitol and in Washington with the state's #1 political podcast: Texas Take. Join the conversation featuring Scott Braddock, editor of The Quorum Report and Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News political writer Jeremy Wallace.



Global rank: top 1%

Episodes: 159

Average length: 41 minutes

Hosted by reporters Jason Whitely and Jason Wheeler from WFAA in Dallas, Y’all-itics is the unofficial political podcast of Texas. Each week we’ll crack open an ice-cold Texas brew and explore a single hot topic affecting Texans. But this isn’t politics as usual. Y’all-itics doesn’t come from a fancy studio. We’re taking our podcast on the road to get past the soundbites and dive deeper into the issues that matter to y’all. Leave your labels at the door, this is a political podcast for all Texans… even the recent transplants!


Texas Standard

Global rank: top 1%

Episodes: 583

Average length: 51 minutes

NPR’s show dedicated to Texas. Coverage of politics, lifestyle, environment, technology, innovation and money matters from a uniquely Texas perspective.



Global rank: top 1.5%

Episodes: 591

Average length: 32 minutes

Hosted by the Tribune's Alexa Ura and featuring a rotating cast of Tribune reporters, editors and special guests, the TribCast is an informal – and, with luck, amusing – discussion of Texas politics and policy. New episodes post each week.


This is Democracy

Global rank: top 2%

Episodes: 201

Average length: 35 minutes

The future of democracy is uncertain, but we are committed to its urgent renewal today. This podcast will draw on historical knowledge to inspire a contemporary democratic renaissance. The past offers hope for the present and the future, if only we can escape the negativity of our current moment — and each show will offer a serious way to do that! This podcast will bring together thoughtful voices from different generations to help make sense of current challenges and propose positive steps forward. Our goal is to advance democratic change, one show at a time. Dr. Jeremi Suri, a renowned scholar of democracy, will host the podcast and moderate discussions.


Over the Lege

Global rank: top 5%

Episodes: 46

Average length: 61 minutes

Over the Lege, the number one, and some say only, political comedy satire show based solely on the Texas Legislature returns with a podcast! Over the Lege gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the shenanigans of the Texas Legislature by decoding political headlines and legislator's behavior into easy to understand dad jokes.

These live recording features legendary Austin comedians and a celebrity guest associated with the Texas Legislature. No, not Ted Cruz. The Texas Legislature. That's right. Gary VanDeaver (not confirmed or invited).


Progress Texas

Global rank: top 10%

Episodes: 70

Average length: 33 minutes

Is it bad to list our own podcast as one of our favorites? We recap the wild week in Texas politics! Our cast is always diverse and always in-depth. Every week we bring you a new episode around a single subject in about 30 minutes, along with guest interviews and live events. Grab a coldie and hang! Learn more about us at ProgressTexas.org.


The Latino Vote

Global rank: top 10%

Episodes: 7

Average length: 40 minutes

A new show, the Latino Vote Podcast brings together the most sophisticated Latino voices in the country to provide you with insightful, accurate, unbiased, and timely information relating to the voting patterns and inclinations of the Nation’s Hispanics. Mike Madrid, a brilliant GOP strategist who has worked for several U.S. presidents, and who is also the founder of the 2020 “game-changing” Lincoln Project, and Chuck Rocha, the senior strategist of the Bernie Sanders Campaign and the most impactful political consultant in the country in the last quarter century, face off with host, Jason Villalba, a three-term former member of the Texas Legislature and now the respected Chairman of the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation. Together, they bring you a ringside seat to a “no-holds barred” discussion of, The Latino Vote.


Texas Signal

More info 

Episodes: 91

Average length: 32 minutes

Texas Signal is a progressive, fact-based media company. Our mission is to build a first-of-its-kind media ecosystem in Texas to help get the progressive message out. Think of us a megaphone to finally counterbalance right-wing conservatives who have successfully built their own media empire in the Lone Star State.

In addition, there are many more progressive stories to tell than mainstream media has the bandwidth to handle.

Our political and policy content is edgy but fact-driven across all of our products. Credibility is our currency.


Lobby Land

Global rank: top 5%

Episodes: 29

Average length: 44 minutes

Lobby Land is a podcast about lobbying and Texas politics. Who are lobbyists? How do they do their jobs? How did they get into lobbying and in some cases, how did they get out? What works and what does not when talking to elected officials, staff and others? This is a podcast about the people whose lives are in and around the Texas political space. From campaigns to boardrooms to the capitol and everywhere in between, we will be interviewing lobbyist and those that work in Texas politics about these and other topics. Hosted by Daniel Womack, with contributions from Stephanie Simpson, Lobby Land will introduce you to personalities, experiences, history and occasionally a lesson in navigating politics. Through these conversations you will meet, and get to know better, some of the most interesting individuals working in Texas government. Welcome to Lobby Land!!!


Second Reading Podcast

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Episodes: 109

Average length: 34 minutes

Analysis of Texas Politics from Jim Henson and Josh Blank from the Texas Politics Project.