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February 2, 2015
Rules Of The Texas Legislature

Session 101: Rules Of The Texas Legislature

The rules that govern the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives are written by the members of each chamber. These are the rules of the House . These are the rules of the Senate . Like any board game or major sport, there are big obvious rules to...
January 30, 2015

Session 101: Important People & Dates

As the 84th Texas Legislature convenes in Austin, it’s not just lawmakers that will be swarming the halls of the Capitol. There is a large, robust community that works throughout the Capitol – thousands of people make state government work (or not work)...
January 23, 2015
Senate Rule Changes #Lockout Legislators, Texans

Senate Rule Changes #Lockout Legislators, Texans

New changes to rules in the Texas Senate may effectively lockout the voices of Texas Senators and their constituents - making it harder for 60% of minorities in the state of Texas to have their voices heard and represented in the Texas Legislature. The...
January 16, 2015

House Rejects New Rule to Guarantee Public Testimony

Last Thursday, the Texas House of Representatives passed the official rules of the House. The rules, as we explained in our latest Session 101 post, govern the procedures of how bills become law, the number of committees, and how the public can...
January 14, 2015
Pew Releases U.S. Social Media Analysis for 2014

Pew: U.S. Social Media Analysis for 2014

Last week, the Pew Research Center released their annual social media analysis, examining who is using which social media platforms. Their survey measures how many (and how often) Americans use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and...
October 8, 2012

Reminder: Voter Registration Ends on Tuesday!

As a friendly reminder, the deadline to register to vote is this Tuesday, October 9. If you haven't submitted your registration by that day, you won't be able to vote in November's election and you won't have your say in this election. If you don't know...
July 31, 2012

Conservatives make the worst kind of history

Senate Republicans have filibustered confirmation of Robert Bacharach, the nominee for the empty seat on the 10 th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Robert Bacharach passed out of the Judiciary Committee with “ virtually unanimous support .” Oklahoma senators...
July 26, 2012

The GOP Continues Their War on Women

While Mitt Romney likes to tour the country saying that only issue in this year’s election is the economy, no one seems to have told his fellow Republicans. Instead of working on bipartisan solutions to boost the economy, conservatives across the country...
July 26, 2012

TFJ: Holding Out for Conservative Judges Hurts Texans

Texas courts are in a state of emergency and our U.S. Senators are playing political games at our expense. The Austin Chronicle lays out the problem clearly : When federal District Judge Sam Sparks in early May set a trial date for Mike and Steve Yassine...
July 20, 2012

District Court's Radical Ruling: Air Belongs to Everyone

Skipping to the end of the July 9 ruling in Angela Bonser-Lain, et al. v. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) , we find a disappointing but predictable resolution to a state-level suit brought by environmental non-profits and precocious...
June 4, 2012

300K Eligible Texas Voters Targeted In Purge

Are you dead? You sure? It might seem absurd, but you very well may be according to your local county election office. Earlier this year Harris County resident and voter Walter Pinkston received a letter from his country election office requesting his...