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June 9, 2014

With staffers testifying, is GOP wary of Perry?

The ongoing grand jury investigation into a criminal complaint against Rick Perry saw two of the governor's aides brought in to court last week. Anne Wiley, the governor's scheduler, and Ken Armbrister, Perry's legislative liaison, were seen entering the...
May 16, 2014

Rick Perry's Walk of Shame

Rick Perry has put an awful lot of effort into rebuilding his image over the years. Starting with his Agriculture Commissioner days as a ringer for the Marlboro Man, to his coyote-shooting trail runner days, up to his current eye glass wearing "divorced-...
April 23, 2014

UPDATE: Rick Perry and Briberygate

A story in today's Texas Tribune reveals that Governor Rick Perry's emissaries continued offering money and trades in exchange for District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's resignation - even after he vetoed funding for the Public Integrity Unit. This is of...
April 18, 2014

You're paying for Rick Perry's criminal defense lawyers

By now you've heard that a grand jury has been seated to hear a criminal complaint against Governor Rick Perry. It all goes back to his making good on a threat to veto public funds if another elected official did not resign. A writer at the Dallas Morning...