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John Cornyn

October 3, 2018
NRA Contributions

More Money, More Problems

Texas elected officials receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the National Rifle Association and their allies in the gun industry. As a result, our representatives have consistently voted against common sense gun reform that could save lives. It...
October 27, 2017

John Cornyn's Missing Spine

This week Texas US Senator John Cornyn formally endorsed Ray Moore – an unashamed bigot and racist running for US Senate in Alabama. Moore – a former Alabama Supreme Court justice – has said homosexuality should be illegal, Muslims should be banned from...
May 18, 2016

New Report Spotlights Texas' Judicial Vacancy Crisis

In Texas, 12 of our federal court seats don't have a judge - far more than any other state in the country. Nine of those vacancies qualify as "emergency vacancies" - which means the delays are of extraordinary length and creating a back-up in the courts...
March 31, 2016
Twenty Years of Empty Seats in Texas' Federal Courts

Twenty Years of Empty Seats in Texas' Federal Courts

Ed. note: the following is cross-posted from the Texas Research Institute . Texas has eleven empty seats in its federal courts . That’s more vacancies than any other state in the country, and a new court vacancy will come up on May 1. When you add the...
November 14, 2014

Why The Lame Duck Senate Needs To Confirm Federal Judges

The midterm elections are over, but our senators in Washington still have important business to attend to: confirming judicial nominees to fill vacancies on our nation’s federal courts to keep the wheels of justice moving. The Senate has a constitutional...
July 15, 2014

Backlog of Immigration Cases Fueled by Republicans

A massive backlog in immigration courts, fueled by years of Republicans refusing to approve funding for more judges, is complicating the government's decision of what to do with 57,000 c hild refugees who have come to America seeking asylum. Whether it...
May 21, 2014

Gregg Costa Confirmed to 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Major update in our Why Courts Matter campaign - former Texas District Court Judge Gregg Costa was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate today to one of the Texas-based vacancies on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Costa's confirmation leaves two...