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Vote Texas Face Off: Trump's Houston rally inspires young progressives

October 23, 2018
With early voting in full swing, Democrats are turning out now more than ever to make a positive change for the future of Texas. KVUE talks to Tara Pohlmeyer from Progress Texas and Travis County GOP Communications Director Andy Hogue about Trump's recent rally in Houston and his inaccurate statements.
Vote Texas Face Off Midterms

FOX 7 Discussion: Democrats more motivated to vote after Trump's rally in Houston

October 23, 2018
FOX 7 Austin's Rebecca Thomas discusses the Texas Senate race between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz with Tara Pohlmeyer from Progress Texas and Andy Hogue from the Travis County GOP.
Trump's rally FOX 7 Austin

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

October 1, 2018
Is American democracy strong enough to survive its demons?
Jaws and the current state of America

FOX 7 Discussion: UN laughs at Trump bragging about administration's accomplishments

September 25, 2018
We live in an interdependent world. We must work with our neighbors. Progress Texas' Glenn W. Smith and Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak discuss President Trump's speech to the United Nations, which was met with laughter. 
FOX 7 Austin on the UN

FOX 7 Discussion: Trump Administration Responds to Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed

September 10, 2018
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza joins FOX 7 Austin to discuss the fallout in the White House about the anonymous New York Times Op-Ed and Donald Trump's standing to take legal action.
Bob Woodward Releases Book On Trump Presidency

FOX 7 Discussion: President Trump says he could Pardon Himself in the Russian Investigation

June 4, 2018
FOX 7 Austin’s Mike Warren talks to Travis County Republican Party Executive Director, Gary Teal and Ed Espinoza from Progress Texas about the possibility of the president pardoning himself.
FOX 7 Discussion: President Trump says he could Pardon Himself in the Russian Investigation

FOX 7 Discussion: How will the Mueller Investigation Affect Midterm Elections?

May 29, 2018
FOX 7 Austin’s Mike Warren talked to Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak and Glenn Smith from Progress Texas about Mueller's investigation and if it will hurt Republicans in November.
FOX 7 Discussion: How will the Mueller Investigation Affect Midterm Elections?

A Story to Undo Trump

May 21, 2018
Democrats should learn the lessons of rival TV networks efforts to beat Dallas and J.R. Ewing in the ratings. Tell a completely different story.

Ted Cruz got booed at the NRA convention

March 4, 2018
Ted Cruz’s staff: “Sir, they weren’t saying ‘Boooooo' they were saying ‘Cruzzzzzzz.'”

2017: Trump, Abbott, Patrick Obscene Grabs for Power

December 15, 2017
The year is drawing to a close with long-overdue revelations of sexual harassment and abuse of women by men of power and wealth.

John Cornyn's Missing Spine

October 27, 2017
At this point, is there any form of bigotry Senator John Cornyn won't support in the name of his party?

Ted Cruz's explicit...policies

September 12, 2017
More shameful than Cruz's late night Twitter habits are the explicit policies he promotes.

John Cornyn ignores DREAMer

September 7, 2017
Watch how Texas Senator John Cornyn treats this brave DREAMer. Disgusting.  Footage via United We Dream

Resist Trump’s Cruel DREAMer Decision

September 5, 2017
Call Cruz, Cornyn, and your congressperson
Stand with DREAMers

Texas Lawmakers Denounce White Supremacy Rally

August 14, 2017
Texas lawmakers - led by State Representative Helen Giddings (D- DeSoto) – denounced racism and terrorism in Charlottesville and called on Texas A&M University to block a white supremacist rally planned for September 11.

Texas Women Lawmakers Fight Back Against Latest Anti-Abortion Bill

August 10, 2017
Texas anti-abortion politicians passed a bill banning all insurance plans in Texas from covering abortion, forcing women to buy separate, more expensive, coverage or to pay out of pocket. But not without a fight lead by progressive women lawmakers.
Abortion Access Blocked

Here Are All the Awful Bills Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Passed in a Week

July 28, 2017
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, at Governor Abbott’s behest, orchestrated a cruel act of political theater with very real and devastating consequences on Texans’ lives.
Dan Patrick

Texas Special Session, Explained

July 19, 2017
State lawmakers came back to the Capitol yesterday to take up Gov. Greg Abbott's twisted special session agenda. On the agenda - attacking the rights and lives of Texans. Again. So let's dive into what makes this session especially messed up.

5 Ways Texas GOP Will Try to Screw Texans Over During Governor Abbott’s Special Session

June 30, 2017
Governor Abbott called a special session of the Texas Legislature, putting the lives and rights of Texans on the line to score Republican primary points.
5 Ways Texas Republicans Will Try Screw Texans Over During Gov. Abbott’s Special Session