Building the Ballot: Who’s filing to run for office in Texas in 2020?

Building the Ballot Texas
As progressives put in the work to flip Texas in 2020, here’s an ongoing list of who has filed to be a candidate for Texas office.

Texas has been trending Democratic for years, and it’s because of the work of organizers, advocates, and community leaders who have been fighting for progress. 

Because of them, 2020 is a possible tipping point. We have the opportunity to turn Texas blue, but it won’t happen without even more work from even more progressives. Candidate filing has opened for the 2020 primary ballot and runs through Dec. 9, 2019. If you are interested in running for office, check out this resource from the Texas Democratic Party.

Here’s a look at the Democrats and progressives vying to represent Texans on the 2020 ballot in districts we’re watching, who have officially filed

(Last updated 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 11) 

U.S. Senate

Incumbent: Sen. John Cornyn (R) since 2002.

Chris Bell


Chris Bell filed on Nov. 25. 


Michael Cooper


Michael Cooper filed on Dec. 5.


Amanda Edwards


Amanda Edwards filed on Dec. 7.


Jack Daniel Foster Jr.


Jack Daniel Foster Jr. filed on Nov. 20.


MJ Hegar


MJ Hegar filed on Dec. 9.


Sema Hernandez


Sema Hernandez filed on Dec. 3. 


Adrian Ocegueda


Adrian Ocegueda filed on Dec. 4. 


Cristina TzinTzun Ramirez


Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez filed on Dec. 4.


Royce West


Royce West filed.  


Annie "Mama" Garcia filed on Dec. 6.
Victor Hugo Harris filed on Dec. 4.
D.R. Hunter filed on Dec. 8.

U.S. Congress

District 7 (Houston) - Targeted by Republicans

Lizzie Fletcher


Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 25.


District 10 (Austin) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Michael T. McCaul (R) since 2005.

Dr. Pritesh Gandhi


Dr. Pritesh Gandhi filed on Dec. 8.


Shannon Hutcheson


Shannon Hutcheson filed on Nov. 25.


Mike Siegel 

Mike Siegel filed on Nov. 17. 


District 21 (Austin) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Chip Roy (R) since 2019.

Wendy Davis


Wendy Davis filed on Dec. 4.


Jennie Lou Leeder


Jennie Lou Leeder filed on Dec. 9.


District 22 (Sugar Land) - Flippable District 
Open seat vacated by Pete Olson (R).

Sri Preston Kulkarni


Sri Preston Kulkarni filed on Dec. 6.


Nyanza Davis Moore


Nyanza Davis Moore filed on Dec. 7. 


Derrick Reed


Derrick A. Reed filed on Dec. 6. 


Chris Fernandez filed on Dec. 9.
Carmine Petricco III filed on Dec. 9.

District 23 (Helotes) - Flippable District
Open seat vacated by Will Hurd (R).

Rosey Ramos Abuabara


Rosalinda "Rosey" Ramos Abuabara filed on Dec. 2. 


Jaime Escuder


Jaime Escuder filed on Nov. 25.


Gina Ortiz Jones


Gina Ortiz Jones filed on Nov. 29. 


Efrain V. Valdez


Efrain V. Valdez filed on Nov. 15.


Ricardo Madrid filed on Nov. 22. 

District 24 (Coppell) - Flippable District
Open seat vacated by Kenny Marchant (R).

John Biggan


Dr. John Biggan filed on Dec. 8.


Richard Fleming


Richard Fleming filed on Dec. 5.


Crystal Fletcher


Crystal Fletcher filed on Dec. 6. 


Jan McDowell


Jan McDowell filed on Dec. 6.


Kim Olson


Kim Olson filed on Dec. 2.


Candace Valenzuela


Candace Valenzuela filed on Nov. 19.


Sam Vega


Sam Vega filed on Dec. 8. 


District 25 (Austin) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Roger Williams (R) since 2013.

Julie Oliver


Julie Oliver filed on Dec. 8. 


Heidi Sloan


Heidi Sloan filed on Nov. 20. 


District 28 (Laredo) - Interesting Race 

Jessica Cisneros


Jessica Cisneros filed on Dec. 9.


Henry Cuellar


Henry Cuellar (incumbent since 2005) filed on Nov. 22.


District 31 (Round Rock) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: John Carter (R) since 2003.

Eric Hanke


Eric Hanke filed on Dec. 8.


Donna Imam


Donna Imam filed on Nov. 18.


Dan Janjigian


Dan Janjigian filed on Dec. 9.


Christine Eady Mann


Dr. Christine Eady Mann filed on Nov. 15. 


Tammy Young


Tammy Young filed on Dec. 5.


Michael Edward Grimes filed on Dec. 9.

District 32 (Dallas) - Targeted by Republicans

Colin Allred


Colin Allred (incumbent since 2019) filed.


Texas Railroad Commissioner

Incumbent: Ryan Sitton (R) since 2014.

Roberto Alonzo


Roberto Alonzo filed on Dec. 6. 


Chrysta Castañeda


Chrysta Castañeda filed on Nov. 10.


Kelly Stone


Kelly Stone filed on Dec. 9.


Mark Watson filed on Dec. 7.

Texas Senate

District 19 (Pleasanton) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Pete Flores (R) since 2018.

Roland Gutierrez


Roland Gutierrez filed on Nov. 29. 


Freddy Ramirez


Freddy Ramirez filed on Dec. 7.


Xochil Pena Rodriguez


Xochil Peña Rodriguez filed on Nov. 20.


Belinda Shvetz filed on Dec. 3. 

District 27 (Brownsville) - Interesting Race

Sara Stapleton Barrera


Sara Stapleton Barrera filed on Dec. 8.


Ruben Cortez


Ruben Cortez filed on Nov. 15.


Eddie Lucio Jr.


Eddie Lucio Jr. (incumbent since 1991) filed on Nov. 12.


Texas House

District 26 (Sugar Land) - Flippable District
Open seat vacated by Rick Miller (R).

Lawrence Allen Jr.


Lawrence Allen Jr. filed on Nov. 21. 


L. Sarah DeMerchant


L. "Sarah" DeMerchant filed on Nov. 21. 


Dr. Suleman Lalani


Dr. Suleman Lalani filed on Nov. 27. 


Rish Oberoi


Rish Oberoi filed on Nov. 21.


District 28 (Richmond) - Flippable District
Open seat

Dr. Eliz Markowitz


Dr. Elizabeth “Eliz” Markowitz filed on Nov. 21. 


District 32 (Corpus Christi) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Todd Hunter (R) since 2009.

Eric Holguin


Eric Holguin filed on Dec. 4. 


District 45 (Driftwood) - Targeted by Republicans

Erin Zwiener

Erin Zwiener (incumbent since 2019) filed.


Liliana Posada filed on Dec. 9.

District 47 (Austin) - Targeted by Republicans

Vikki Goodwin


Vikki Goodwin (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 12. 


District 52 (Round Rock) - Targeted by Republicans

James Talarico


James Talarico (incumbent since 2019) filed on Dec. 3. 


District 54 (Killeen) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Brad Buckley (R) since 2019.

Likeithia "Keke" Williams filed on Dec. 2. 

District 64 (Denton) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Lynn Stucky (R) since 2017.

Angela Brewer


Angela Brewer filed on Nov. 14. 


District 65 (Carrollton) - Targeted by Republicans

Michelle Beckley


Michelle Beckley (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 14. 


Paige Dixon


Paige Dixon filed on Nov. 12. 


District 66 (Plano) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Matt Shaheen (R) since 2015.

Sharon Hirsch


Sharon Hirsch filed on Nov. 23. 


Aimee Garza Lopez


Aimee Garza Lopez filed on Dec. 3. 


District 67 (Plano) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Jeff Leach (R) since 2013.

Tom Adair


Tom Adair filed on Nov. 10. 


Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez


Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez filed on Nov. 10. 


Anthony Lo


Anthony Lo filed on Nov. 19.

Jenna Royal

Jenna Royal filed on Nov. 12. 


Lorenzo Sanchez


Lorenzo Sanchez filed on Dec. 9.


District 92 (Bedford) - Flippable District
Open seat vacated by Jonathan Stickland (R).

Steven Riddell


Steven Riddell filed on Nov. 16.


Jeff Whitfield


Jeff Whitfield filed on Dec. 4.


District 93 (Fort Worth) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Matt Krause (R) since 2013.

Lydia Bean


Lydia Bean filed on Nov. 9.


District 94 (Arlington) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Tony Tinderholt (R) since 2015.

Alisa Simmons


Alisa Simmons filed on Nov. 9.


District 96 (Arlington) - Flippable District 
Open seat vacated by Bill Zedler (R).

Joe Drago


Joe Drago filed on Nov. 9.


District 97 (Fort Worth) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Craig Goldman (R) since 2013.

Elizabeth Beck


Elizabeth Beck filed on Nov. 11.


Dan Willis filed on Dec. 9.

District 102 (Richardson) - Targeted by Republicans 

Ana-Maria Ramos


Ana-Maria Ramos (incumbent since 2019) filed on Dec. 6.


District 105 (Irving) - Targeted by Republicans

Terry Meza


Terry Meza (incumbent since 2019) filed on Dec. 6.


District 108 (Dallas) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Morgan Meyer (R) since 2015.

Joanna Cattanach


Joanna Cattanach filed on Nov. 21.


Tom Ervin


Tom Ervin filed on Dec. 6. 


Shawn Terry


Shawn D. Terry filed on Nov. 27.


District 112 (Richardson) - Flippable District 
Incumbent: Angie Chen Button (R) since 2009.

Brandy Chambers


Brandy Chambers filed on Nov. 14. 


District 113 (Garland) - Targeted by Republicans 

Rhetta Andrews Bowers


Rhetta Andrews Bowers (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 27.


District 114 (Dallas) - Targeted by Republicans

John Turner


John Turner (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 27.


District 115 (Carrollton) - Targeted by Republicans

Julie Johnson


Julie Johnson (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 14.


District 121 (San Antonio) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Steve Allison (R) since 2019.

Becca DeFelice


Becca DeFelice filed on Dec. 2. 


Celina Montoya


Celina Montoya filed on Dec. 9.


Jack Guerra filed on Nov. 26. 

District 126 (Spring) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Sam Harless (R) since 2019.

Undrai Fizer


Dr. Undrai Fizer filed on Dec. 4.


Natali Hurtado


Natali Hurtado filed on Nov. 10.


District 128 (Deer Park) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Briscoe Cain (R) since 2017.

Josh Markle


Josh Markle filed on Nov. 9.


Mary E. Williams filed on Dec. 4.

District 132 (Katy) - Targeted by Republicans

Gina Calanni


Gina Calanni (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 10.  


District 134 (West University Place) - Flippable District
Incumbent: Sarah Davis (R) since 2011.

Lanny Bose


Lanny Bose filed on Nov. 12. 


Ann Johnson


Ann Johnson filed on Nov. 9. 


Ruby Powers


Ruby Powers filed on Dec. 7.


District 135 (Houston) - Targeted by Republicans 

Jon Rosenthal


Jon E. Rosenthal (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 20. 


District 136 (Austin) - Targeted by Republicans

John Bucy


John Bucy (incumbent since 2019) filed on Nov. 9.


District 138 (Houston) - Flippable District
Open seat vacated by Dwayne Bohac (R) 

Akilah Bacy


Akilah Bacy filed on Nov. 9.


Jenifer Rene Pool


Jenifer Rene Pool filed on Dec. 7.


Josh Wallenstein


Josh Wallenstein filed on Nov. 14. 


This list does not include endorsements on behalf of Progress Texas. All Democratic candidates in races we’re watching that have officially filed are listed.

For more information on our plan for flipping Texas in 2020, view our Special Report and sign up for updates.