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Diana Gómez

10 prepper holiday gifts for the next Texas blackout

December 8, 2021
Texas Republicans refused to fix the electric grid, so now we have to prepare for what could be another bad winter.

Latinos can win Texas with people power, with gente power

September 15, 2021
We must put an end to racial gerrymandering and Republican power grabs.

Greg Abbott Essentials: Tips for another power grid failure

August 4, 2021
Looking for a quick guide to prepare for another Texas GOP energy grid failure? We’ve got you covered.

What sets Texas’ abortion ban apart from the rest: Abortion Bounty Hunters

July 22, 2021
Texas’ 6-week abortion ban could allow anti-abortion extremists in any state to reap a minimum $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get an abortion in Texas.