Mariachis are encouraging Latino voters in South Texas to head to the polls

Historic turnout is cause for a celebration.

A Grito is a loud, joyous yell common in many mariachi performances. They are so extraordinarily popular in parts of South Texas that there are even Grito contests in Brownsville during their annual Charro Days Festival. 

In an effort to increase voter turnout, Joaquin Guerra, President and Founder of Más Power Group, came up with a strategy to celebrate voting: Get mariachis to the polls for a #YoGritoyVoto (I yell and I vote) initiative.  

“This idea came about because although we want to increase turnout rates across the state, we noticed the South Texas rates weren't as high,” Guerra said. ”So I spoke to friends of mine who knew mariachis who could do this.”  

Guerra enlisted the help of different mariachi bands like Mariachi Mariposas, an all-female mariachi group, Las Alteñas, and Los Galleros de San Antonio, among others, to sing to South Texas voters as they waited in line to cast their vote. With performances in San Antonio, Laredo, and Hidalgo and Cameron Counties in the Rio Grande Valley, the effort has been a great success! 

“We’re using art, music and culture to engage voters,” Guerra said. “There are long lines and we want to thank and celebrate voters for coming out, especially during a pandemic.” 

To see where more mariachis will be performing on November 3, check out updated events on the “Yo Voto y Grito” Facebook page.