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March 19, 2014

Top Ten Facts About Equal Pay in Texas

There are 42 states that have passed a state-level Equal Pay Act. Texas is not one of them. ( Source ) The Federal Equal Pay Act, also known as the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act," provides standing only in federal court - but it does not provide standing...
March 10, 2014

Can We Trust Abbott to Support Equal Pay?

In Greg Abbott's fumbling, bumbling response to why he won't support the Equal Pay Act, he believes the discredited claim that existing state law is sufficient to ensure women are not discriminated against when it comes to equal pay. Yet both the Texas...
March 7, 2014

Why the Tea Party is (Still) Wrong About the IRS

Last year Progress Texas led the national pushback against wild-eyed Tea Party claims against the IRS. But a year later, Tea Party members of congress are still complaining about extra scrutiny applied to groups. Why? Groups like the Tea Party - and...
February 26, 2014

Meet "Democrat" Kesha Rogers: Worse Than Ted Cruz

5/28/14 Update: Last night David Alameel defeated Kesha Rogers in the Texas Primary Runoff. An overwhelming margin , 72.4%, voted for Alameel and left Kesha with only 27.6% of the vote. Alameel will face Cornyn in November. We've pointed out before why...
February 22, 2014
Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent

Blood Brothers Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent

This week Republican Greg Abbott made headlines in his bid to become the next governor of Texas. Unfortunately for Abbott, the headlines came because his campaign staged an event with Ted Nugent, a rock and roller now better known for inflammatory...