Top 5 Problems to Look for AND Report on Election Day

As you make your way to the polls on Election Day, make sure to not only be informed on the issues, but also aware of potential problems you or others might experience. Here is a list of the Top 5 most common issues and how you can report the problem immediately to election protection specialists. If you see something - report it.

Top 5 Problems to Look for AND Report on Election Day:

1.    Any challenges to voter eligibility: citizenship, felony conviction, moved, signature, ID or other.

2.    Poll watchers who are questioning voters.  They should not talk to voters.

3.    Voters’ names not being on the rolls.

4.    Voters who believe they are incorrectly being redirected to other polling locations.

5.    Any language access issues: lack of bilingual ballots, signs, poll workers, or refusal to permit someone to assist voters in the voting booth.

If you witness any of the following, please call the Election Protection Hotline at 866.OUR.VOTE. All reports should include time, precinct, and people involved (voter’s contact information and race), name and race of poll workers, challenger, and contact information of witnesses. You may also contact Juan Carlos Ibarra at 202.361.3858 or via email at