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April 16, 2013

The Democrats are coming!

Attorney General Greg Abbott is preparing for an "assault" on Texas that he claims is even more dangerous than North Korea. Battlegound Texas . "One thing that requires ongoing vigilance is the reality that the state of Texas is coming under a new 
April 14, 2013

Who Supports Medicaid Expansion in Texas?

Progress Texas, in coordination with Texas Well & Healthy , has compiled a list of major organizations , chambers of commerce, and local and county governments that have stated their support for expanding Medicaid in Texas. We will update the list as...
April 11, 2013

My Tax Dollars Pay for WHAT?!?!

Progress Texas is proud to announce a new campaign to increase revenue in our state so we can better invest in our future. The campaign, which starts today and will likely last for years (more details below), is built around a simple idea: we need to...
April 5, 2013

Greg Abbott Doesn't Want Fair Remedial Redistricting Maps

Attorney General Greg Abbott either doesn’t understand the Constitution, or just doesn’t care. In the last week, he has rejected the separation of church and state - a founding American principal - and has called for making the 2011 interim redistricting...
April 5, 2013

They want to do what?

UPDATE - Read the letter signed by 33 state and national groups opposing this legislation below! This coming Monday, April 8 th , three bills will be heard in the Texas House Elections Committee that might leave observers scratching their heads in wonder...