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Black History Month 2019 events across Texas

February 11, 2019
Educational and celebratory events are scheduled throughout Texas for this month. Find the ones near you.

Juneteenth Celebrations Across Texas

June 14, 2018
Juneteenth celebrations are scheduled throughout Texas for this month.

Gun Violence Awareness Day: Wear Orange Events

June 1, 2018
National Wear Orange events are scheduled for this Saturday, June 2, 2018, across the country.

Texas House Democrats Filed 15+ Gun Reform Bills, GOP Only Passed One

May 22, 2018
Progressives in the Texas Legislature have led in proposing common sense solutions to the gun violence epidemic occurring in Texas and across the nation.
Texas gun reform action

When Will Texas Finally Outsmart Its Transportation Trolls?

May 21, 2018
The leadership in Texas and the nation is paralyzed, afraid to raise taxes to build the necessary transportation infrastructure.
When Will Texas Finally Outsmart Its Transportation Trolls?

Freshman's powerful words at the Texas National School Walkout

April 20, 2018
This freshman from Austin High School had some powerful words for politicians who care more about NRA money than children's lives. "Until politicians are brave enough to change their unmoving stance on gun control and take an F-rating from the NRA as a badge of honor, I won't feel safe."
Freshman's powerful words at the Texas National School Walkout

If you think the public schools won't go away, think again.

April 6, 2018
All the laws and all the court orders in our state’s inglorious history have failed to fix school finance

I am America, and I Have a Secret Memo Right Here in My Coat Pocket

February 5, 2018
Pool transcript of President Donald Trump’s monologue

Abbott Willing to Burn Down the House to Keep Himself Warm

February 5, 2018
Did you ever try to put out a fire with a promise?

Austin Poised to Be First Texas City with Paid Sick Days Policy

February 2, 2018
All workers should be able to earn paid sick days. And Austin is doing something about it.
Paid Sick Days Austin

The Best and Worst Texas Had to Offer in 2017

January 5, 2018
The votes are in and we are excited to announce the winners (and losers) of the 2017 Progress Texas Readers' Poll.

Gimme Shelter

December 15, 2017
Trump’s first year eerily echoes the tragic 1969 Rolling Stones concert at Altamont.

Ed Espinoza: We Need Sensible Gun Reform

November 10, 2017
Our executive director discusses why we must demand change or tragedies like Sutherland Springs will keep occurring.
Ed Espinoza

How will Speaker Joe Straus' Retirement Affect Texas Politics?

October 27, 2017
Texas House Speaker Joe Straus says he will not seek re-election. What will that mean for the Texas Legislature? As Straus blocked some of the more bigoted agenda items of the Republican party including the transphobic 'bathroom bill.'
Joe Straus

Texas May Not Be What Amazon is Looking For

October 19, 2017
It’s possible Texas has already knocked its towns and cities out of Amazon’s Dating Game.

There are Two Sleeping Giants in Texas

October 13, 2017
More than 1.8 million people who cast ballots were new voters in 2016

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

October 2, 2017
Glenn Smith wonders whether a political storm over Hurricane Harvey recovery has been calmed. But is it still political hurricane season?

Ted Cruz's explicit...policies

September 12, 2017
More shameful than Cruz's late night Twitter habits are the explicit policies he promotes.

Catch a Falling Lone Star

September 11, 2017
There are rays of hope in the government response to Hurricane Harvey.
Glenn Smith Quote