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Halloween Slideshow: Meet the Anti's

October 30, 2015
The Anti's claim to be “pro-life” but are really just hell bent on banning abortion in Texas and controlling women’s and safety be damned.
meet the antis

Perryhood: A Texas-Sized OOPS 14 Years In The Making

January 14, 2015
Here are some snapshots—a not-so-nostalgic time capsule—of some of Rick Perry’s not-so-greatest moments.

Rick Perry's Double Standard on Drunk Driving

November 18, 2014
He's less against "Driving While Intoxicated" and more against "Driving While Democrat."

Rick Perry Indictment Pre-Trial

November 6, 2014
Here’s an update on what’s gone down

BREAKING: Rick Perry Caves to Public Pressure, Will Stop Using Taxpayers to Pay Private Legal Bills

August 21, 2014
Rick Perry caved to days of public pressure from thousands of Texans

Rick Perry's Inconvenient History With Republicans Charged with Drunk Driving

August 18, 2014
Rick Perry chose to use the powers of his office to act as judge and jury

BREAKING: Rick Perry Indicted on Two Criminal Charges

August 15, 2014
Rick Perry’s track record of insider conduct is shameful and reflects a disturbing pattern of Republican misconduct.