STATEMENT: Republican Chaos Congress Elects Extremist as Speaker

So allergic to bipartisanship, Republicans oppose consensus candidates. New Republican speaker means a new shutdown fight.

TEXAS – This afternoon, after weeks of paralysis and chaos of their own making, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives chose 2020 election-denier and far-right “Freedom Caucus” member Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the new speaker. Johnson has close ties to Protestant fundamentalist groups and is a staunch opponent of reproductive rights who hopes to ban abortion nationwide. 

Persistent GOP disorder puts another government shutdown at our doorstep, potentially leaving millions of Texans without food assistance, Texas soldiers unpaid, and hundreds of thousands furloughed all while members of Congress continue to get paid.

“Americans can look to progressives and Democrats to defend democracy and keep our government running,” said Kathleen Thompson, executive director at Progress Texas. “They are the only things standing in the way of Johnson and his extremist pals voting once again to shut down the government and working to take away even more abortion, civil, and voting rights.” 


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