Advocating at the 2023 Texas Legislature

Texas Capitol
A few tips from Progress Texas

Democracy is like a muscle - we have to exercise it to keep it healthy. That’s why your activism should not end with elections, we need you to be involved in the legislative process, too!

Listed below are several categories on how you can get involved.

Advocating from Home

  • Call your representatives
  • Email your representatives
  • Sign up for news alerts from Texas Tribune (The Daily Brief) and/or the Quorum Report

Digital Advocacy

  • Online petitions are ok, but they are more so organizing tools than advocacy tools
  • Follow key groups on social media - make sure you’re getting notifications
  • Find out bill numbers and track them via the Texas Legislature Online (TLO)

Resource: “How to search for bills using Texas Legislature Online” from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Advocating in-person

  • Showing up
  • Rallies
  • Testimony

Resource: “Testifying at the Texas State Capitol” from Equality Texas

  • Registering your position “Dropping a card”

Supporting an organization

These are the people advocating for you all throughout the lege session

Resource: “Progress organizations working to make Texas a better place in 2022” from Progress Texas.