Opportunities abound for progressive Texans this election year. From the chance to send Ted Cruz packing, to the possibility of virtually guaranteeing a second Joe Biden term with our 40 electoral votes, a massive show of force in the Lone Star State would be a truly historic moment - and it's up to US to bring that moment into reality. Top of mind nationally for progressive folks is abortion rights - and specifically the national implications for reproductive freedom should Republicans gain too much power in November.

Joining us to talk about this all-important election year are representatives of the Texas Democratic Party: Executive Director Monique Alcala and Convention Director Emma Pickering give us the rundown on how abortion rights form the spearhead of Democratic messaging strategy in 2024 - and a preview of the Texas Democratic Convention, happening in El Paso this June! Hope to see YOU there.

Learn more about the Texas Democratic Party at ⁠https://www.texasdemocrats.org/⁠, and make plans to attend the Convention at ⁠https://texasdemocraticconvention.com/⁠.

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