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April 1, 2013

A Deafening Roar for Medicaid Expansion

This morning, volunteers with Progress Texas and the Texas Organizing Project rallied outside Governor Perry's office demanding he expand Medicaid in Texas to cover hard working Texans. Perry hosted a 10 minute long "roundtable" discussion - where no...
March 26, 2013

Greg Abbott's Theocracy vs. Jed Bartlet's Democracy

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott restated his opposition to gay marriage by rejecting the American principle of democracy and announcing his support, instead, for a theocratic government of which God is the head of the state. From the Austin American-...
March 26, 2013

Family Planning Coalition Granted Title X Funding

On Monday, the Women's Health and Family Planning Association of Texas was awarded a federal grant that would enable to continue to provide family planning and health services to more than 160,000 Texas women. The group filed a formal request after Rick...