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Our Courts Are In "Jeopardy"

Earlier this month Alex Trebek asked the following question on Jeopardy:

“Of these 874 federal government jobs, 85 are vacant, some for over five years.”

If you have been keeping up with the Texans for a Fair Judiciary, you may have guessed - "What are judges?" And, you would be correct.

Courts are in crisis across the state of Texas and throughout the United States. Jeopardy was counting current and future vacancies according to the Washington Post

Senator John Cornyn made it a point to say he was against political obstructionism during the Bush administration. That was before he was in favor of it during the Obama Administration of course.

Senators Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison run their own process for judicial nominees called the Federal Judiciary Evaluation Committee (FJEC). This process is run by the Senators, selects nominees, and submits those nominees to the White House to accept or reject. This process moves well beyond a traditional advise and consent roll other states have.

Recently, our Senators opened the process up for just the current openings. That is simply planning for failure. The reason judges give notice for their retirements is so Senators and the White House can plan for the future and ensure people have a fully functioning court.

Even Jeopardy considers future vacancies part of the obstructionism!

Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, asked the right question about politics getting in the way of non-partisan, consensus judges.

It's hard to disagree with Senator Cornyn from the previous administration and Congressman Boehner. We should stop having politics get in the way of fixing the crisis in our courts.

If this were Jeopardy, you would be the answer. Thousands of Texans have told our Senators to stop delaying justice. Are you one?