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Why the Tea Party is (Still) Wrong About the IRS

Last year Progress Texas led the national pushback against wild-eyed Tea Party claims against the IRS. But a year later, Tea Party members of congress are still complaining about extra scrutiny applied to groups. Why?

Groups like the Tea Party - and Progress Texas - receive tax-exempt status when we prove that our primary purpose is for political education and not electoral campaigns.

But to achieve this status, both liberal and conservative groups are asked for additional information. Click here to see the evidence for yourself.

We all play by the same rules. And just because the Tea Party doesn't like the rules, doesn't mean they can get around them.

From MSNBC: "An expensive search for a fake scandal":

Congress has looked into the allegations and found nothing. The FBI has looked into the allegations and found nothing. Investigative journalists have looked into the allegations and found nothing. The story was discredited months ago. [...]

Based on the IRS’s own review, the investigation has cost $14 million.

So what's the Tea Party's problem? What are they hiding?