While Greg Abbott Celebrates, Immigrant Rights Groups Respond

In the wake of a Texas judge's temporary ruling on President Obama's executive action on immigration, Joaquin Guerra from the Texas Organizing Project and Maria Theresa Kumar from Voto Latino took to MSNBC today to talk about the ruling.

Joaquin Guerra:

"This is only a temporary setback for those of us in the immigrant rights movement, and immigrant families who have been fighting for years to bring this victory. Which President Obama's executive order is a victory for immigrant families."

Maria Teresa Kumar:

"This is very partisan, and the judge is not ruling by the rule of law. He is taking extreme Republican soundbytes...and it's ruining an opportunity to have a real discussion on immigration reform. If the Republicans really want immigration reform, then what they need to do is pass something in Congress."

As we have previously written, the US Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the President has "broad discretion" to decide on issues of immigration and deportation, and a professor from Texas A&M University isn't even sure if the states have standing in court.