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Top 10 Midterm Election Hangover Cures

  1. We get it. The 2014 election felt like this:

  2. It's ok to get angry.

  3. And maybe a little drunk.

  4. But don't forget that this happened:

    Voters in 5 out of 5 states—including four red states Arkansas, Alaska, Nebraska and South Dakota—with ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage passed them, giving a raise to more than 1.7 million workers.

    Make it rain

  5. And marijuana legalization passed in Oregon, Washington D.C. and Alaska.

    Marijuana passes meme

  6. And voters in two states—Colorado and North Dakota—rejected extreme anti-abortion, personhood ballot initiatives.

    Beyonce - We Can Do It Meme

  7. Wait, WTF? Our candidates lost, but our issues won?!

    WTF Tweet

  8. So think happy thoughts...

  9. Get back in ring.

    Rocky GIF

  10. They're gonna hear us roar.