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Think Your Vote Doesn't Matter in Texas? Think Again.

We've seen extremely close local races around the state, and these races can have a huge impact on your life.
This year Texas is experiencing record high voter registration as well as record breaking voter turnout. But every once in a while, you still hear someone say that they don't think their vote counts in Texas - but that couldn't be farther from the truth.
In recent years, we've seen extremely close local races around the state. And while we sometimes just focus on statewide races, these local races can have a bigger impact on your life than those for the president or governor.
Here's a sampling of some of the closest electoral margins in the past few years:
23 votes
Jefferson County, 2012
In the race for Tax Assessor Collector, a Democrat came within one precinct of beating the incumbent.
19 votes
Dallas County, 2008
Republican State Legislator Linda Harper-Brown held her seat. But if just 20 more votes had been cast for her opponent, it would have given Democrats a 50-50 tie with Republicans in the Texas Legislature.
12 votes
Travis County
Democratic State Legislator Donna Howard squeaked out a win in a Republican wave election.
4.5 votes
Houston Mayor's race, 2015
This margin is based on average of a 4,082 votes among 896 precincts. But the fact remains this is a small margin for the nation's fourth largest city and in a race where 210,034 ballots were cast.
3 votes
Longview Independent School District, 2016
Shandreka Bauer beat out an incumbent school board member.
3 votes
Wimberley Independent School District, 2015
Lori Olson also beat an incumbent to her seat.
So get out there and cast your ballot! And don't forget to vote for the offices down the list. Don't know who to vote for? Check out our Election Center for a list of progressive endorsements and down-ballot race reviews.
You can vote early every day up until November 4th, and Election Day is November 8th. So get informed and get voting - your ballot can make a big difference!