Special Report: Flipping Texas in 2018

Our case for Democratic victory in Texas

Update: Thanks for reading in 2018! We're on to the next election - click here to see our Special Report: Flipping Texas in 2020.

We are living in unprecedented times – but we have a chance to make a difference.

A new analysis by Progress Texas reveals a changing electorate that favors Democrats by wide margins and opportunities to change the state's political landscape. Because while Republicans have maintained a stranglehold on Texas - they are stagnant.

Special Report: Flipping Texas in 2018 is a series of arguments based on turnout data and voter behavior that we believe make the case for Democrats to wage a competitive progressive campaign.

Change doesn't come easily and sometimes to win a fight you have to pick a fight. And here at Progress Texas, we believe it's a fight that can be won in 2018.

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Part 1
There are Two Sleeping Giants in Texas

Part 2
Texas: 2016 first-time votes favored Democrats by margin of 5-to-1

Part 3
Drop-Off Voting: Millennials, Gen-X can flip Texas in 2018

Part 4
Republicans are Stagnant

Part 5
Digital Killed the Video Star

Part 6
The Path Forward is to turn LEFT