Sen. John Cornyn Agrees to Host Hearing for Five Nominees for Texas' Federal Courts

Maybe - just maybe - we'll have new judges before the end of the year

Texas Senator John Cornyn announced that Texas’ five outstanding judicial nominees will get a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, September 7. You can view the official hearing announcement on the committee’s website.

Thousands of Texans have written to Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz this year, urging our Senators to fill Texas’ judicial vacancies immediately. Sen. Cornyn's announcement is welcome - and we can hold out hope that these justices will be swiftly confirmed by the committee and the full United States Senate before the end of the year.

Texas currently has 12 judicial vacancies in its federal courts, more than any state in the country. Together, the five nominees are for seats on the courts that have been vacant for 2,991 days – just over eight years.

A chart with all of Texas’ judicial vacancies can be found here, or in the table below.

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