Progress Texas endorses medical marijuana

Progress Texas is endorsing medical marijuana and we are calling on lawmakers to take a serious look at the issue in the coming year.

This is not a decision made lightly, but one reached after careful study of the evidence.

In April, we conducted a confidential survey on marijuana regulation that saw more than 12,000 Texans participate. In addition, our deputy director Phillip Martin has presented a series of thoroughly-researched and thoughtful blog posts on the issue

And the polls show that we're not alone: In February, a UT/Texas Tribune poll showed that 77% of Texans support some kind of marijuana regulation. And in 2013 Public Policy Polling showed 61% of Texans support marijuana decriminalization in small amounts.

While we might support additional reforms to marijuana policy in the future, medical marijuana is a good first step and has realistic chance of having bi-partisan support.

It's time for Texas to have a serious conversation about the benefits of medical marijuana.

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