No Texas Newspapers Endorse Cruz for President

Thumbs Down Ted Cruz
Ed. Note: This blog post was updated on February 25, 2016 to include the Fort Wort Star-Telegram's endorsement of Marco Rubio.
Well this has got to be more than a little embarrassing. But after embarrassing the state for years, maybe it's also a little karma.
To date, six seven major dailies around Texas have made endorsements in the presidential primaries - and not a single one of them are backing the home state senator. Actually, most of them warn against voting for him.
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In the meantime, here is what the newspapers have to say about the presidential prospects of our state's junior senator:
Dallas Morning News Logo
"As much as we’d like to see a Texan in the White House, we fear that Cruz’s brand of politics is more about disruption than governing and threatens to take the Republican Party to a dark place. As we’ve written before, continuing obstructionist paths might excite primary voters, but it won’t benefit the nation or the conservative cause."

- Editorial: We recommend John Kasich for GOP presidential nominationFebruary 12, 2016

Houston Chronicle Logo

"The dislike the man engenders is so intense it's hard to find a historical precedent for it. Not only do his political opponents detest him, but also his fellow Republicans. We would be happy to endorse "the hometown guy" - if we believed he would be a good president. Cruz does not meet that basic criterion."

Corpus Christi Caller Times
"Beware the destructiveness of candidates who sell themselves as nonsellouts because they eschew compromise - on the Republican side, the willingness of Ted Cruz to grind the government to a halt or to put forth the anti-constitutional notion that a president shouldn't be allowed to fill a Supreme Court vacancy..."
Waco Trib logo
"Many Texans will rally around Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or New York impresario Donald Trump. But this nation needs serious healing under a seasoned hand who can lead us in smartly but compassionately addressing matters at home while bolstering our image abroad. This is no time for amateurs."