It’s going to take all of us: Swing voters alone will not save democracy

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We need a hyper-mobilized base to fix this mess.

If you have friends and family who are blue voters, and they live in a blue district or a blue county, we need each and every one of them to show up during the 2020 election season. So-called “swing voters” are important, but it’s going to take all of us to save democracy.

Too often, candidates and voters alike subscribe to the idea that the base is going to show up no matter what because “they have to vote for us anyway.” Well, no they don’t, and especially not if candidates don’t give them a reason. 

The power of the Texas voter has never been stronger than it is in 2020.

Each and every blue voter has the power to change the future of Texas with their vote. We have the power to flip the Texas Legislature with nine seats, the State Board of Education with three seats, statewide seats including the Railroad Commission, the U.S. Senate, and of course the presidency. If we want to flip Texas, our path to victory is through running up the score in blue counties because that’s where all of the voter growth is taking place!

And for those who say they don’t just don’t love the candidate choices:


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We cannot get comfortable, and we can mobilize our true blue friends and families to turnout and vote everywhere by reminding people about the power of their vote. We need everyone to show up this election season!

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